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Today is another day. 24 hours-1440 minutes – 86,400 seconds. Enough time to make a difference in the life of your business.
There are alot of things to do in order for your business to attain your vision in the next 5 years.
Start today to achieve it.
Read business books,develop new and better strategies, market to your client, develop online presence, create new products, offer a new service today, get your marketing tools ready, save some money for a new equipment, the list is endless.
Do something today that you will be thankful you did in 5 years time.
Remember no one but you is responsible for your business growth.
Tessy Okpotu

For things to change you have to make changes in your life.
The only thing that you can change is you (your reaction and not what happens to u).
Everybody passes through good time and bad times, for some the bad experiences affect them negativity but for others it makes them better.
Always learn from the bad experiences and stick to your values when they show up.
Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better,don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills, don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom. That is the key to overcoming failure.

Tessy Okpotu

Just like computers, what comes out of us ( what we say or do) is only an outcome of what goes into us (the books we read, videos we watch, seminars we attend, friends we keep and hat they say to us).
If there’s any part of your life you are not comfortable with, try he above principle. For example, your business is not successful, read books on businesses, attend seminar, listen to audio, watch videos and make friends with successful business men and women.
The principle gabage in, gabage out works like magic and in few months you will see changes.

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